One who wrecks rectums. Or one who fucks ass holes to the point of bleeding from lack of lubrication.
That fag DgMk3 is a rectum wrecker to the max.
by punxnotdead185 December 7, 2006
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Stay away from him, he is a rectum wrecker!!!
by Phantom farter December 30, 2010
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big rich is a rectum wrecker
by nunya September 4, 2003
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A term used to confuse the simple minded.
Dolt: haha dude your such a loser, why does anyone talk to you?
Me: fuck off rectum wrecker
Dolt: huh?
by T.O.K. October 7, 2006
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In reference to a male on male/female anal destruction. Commonly performed by all male species with exception to Asian males due to their lack of destruction tools. Blacks males have stereotypically been known to cause ultimate destruction with their tools of "Mass" destruction. Male on male statistics have risen in the last several years....This is nooo good!
as verb "I will rectum wreck you"

Asian verb "he-wo, can I wec-tom wec you? Wo-k, nev-wah mind"

Black verb "ay yo bitch, I will rectum wreck yo ass"

gay verb "Oh Timmy, time for me to wreck your rectum"

as noun "Nick is a Rectum wrecker"
by abadb16 December 13, 2010
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A dry shit that feels like the size of a beer bottle , that you blow a temple vain trying to push out. First wipe poo, second wipe blood.
Hey Steve, why are you walking funny?
I just took myself a rectum wrecker shit !
by drippydick11 November 5, 2016
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When you stick a metal dildo up a man's ass and run electricity through it with a car battery. (Prefferably with jumper cables).
I haven't been able to walk right since she used a High Voltage Rectum Wrecker on me, it was a shocking experience.
by Malibou January 8, 2022
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