The webmaster of, arguebly the most shamelessly self-promoting site on the Internet. Has its fair share of funny material, all of which was scrounged around the Internet and has had the eBaumsworld logo crapped on it in some way, effectively shitting on the face of the content's real owner. Also infamous for false advertising; if eBaumsworld's promotes itself as hosting "clean humour and nothing pornographic", then I'd shudder at anything the webmaster might consider remotely "dirty".
Image banner: "This image is NOT the property of eBaumsworld'"
Surfer: "So why the flying fuck is this ugly banner stripped across it?! It's fucking the picture up!"
Answer: Because anybody linking to said image is actually promoting the site by anybody reading the domain name stripped across the violated picture. Brilliant strategy, eBaum.
by Alhadis December 10, 2004
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A shortened version of Eric Bauman, the creator of He goes around to other websites and steals stuff from them. I am shamed to have the same name as him.
Once upon time
On the Internet there was a guy
A very deeply flawed man
And they called him Eric Bauman
He was a total asshole
And nobody knows why

He traveled all around
On the pulse of each phenomenon
From Something Awful on to Fark
With his trusty watermark
He stole and stuck it all upon
Ebaumsworld dot com

It wasn't fair
To those from whom he stole
But did he care?
No, not one bit
And then he had the 'nads
To sell some ads
What a piece of sh*t
Oh, Eric

Eric's quite a slut
Other people's work has made him rich
He hired some male prostitutes
Dressed them up three-piece suits
His faithful team of lawyers
Made the Internet his bitch

'Til Lowtax came along
Punched him in the face and banged his mom
And Mr. Bauman, quite disgraced,
Had his dumb website erased
Well, sadly that's a lie,
There's still an Ebaumsworld dot com

But if we all join hands
And sing this song
Then our call will reach the sky
And maybe Zeus and Thor
Will smite that whore
I think it's worth a try

Ebaumsworld is going down
We gotta rise up from the underground
And tell Eric Bauman a thing or two
Bout how stealing simply isn't cool
So right now we're making that our mission
And if that bastard doesn't listen
We'll get sick of being lawful
And brand his ass with "SOMETHING AWFUL"
by Emann May 22, 2008
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eBaum, or God as he is sometimes known. Is the creator of
Also the creator of the Ebaumsworld forums. The best forums on the whole of the internet.
eBaums is great isnt he.
by Santa April 11, 2005
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A verb, meaning to steal something and claim it as your own. Based on the actions of Eric Bauman, owner of the website, who steals all his content from other people and claims it as his own.
"Hey, I made that image! You ebaumed me, you weasel!"


"I have no talent or ethics, so I ebaum content for my webpage."
by Fuego Fish February 9, 2005
Get the ebaum mug. is a site for people who are complete idiots, and are extremely immature. Much of the content on Ebaumsworld is stolen from sites such as SomethingAwful, YTMND, AlbinoBlacksheep, 4chan, and others.
"Wow, ebaumsworld is gay."

"Yeah, I know."
by revenge7 July 9, 2006
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FAG: eric bauman is a stealing fag who has sechs with his mommy.
oh man that gay guy from queereye sure is a flamen ebaum

hay that homosexual who is having anal intercourse sure is an ebaum
by RANTish November 15, 2005
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eBaums World, a site with hilarious material that was all stolen from other sites without their consent, and stamped with is watermark. Some stolen content included a few looping pictures of Linsday Lohan where she doesn't change facial expressions, and a crazy lady talking to a telemarketer which was literally on his site the next day after appearing on
If only people like Ainolketta and Santa knew the truth. In fact they probably work for eBaums and are trying ot make them sound better.
Eric Baumen: teehee, I'm going to go on and steal all their funny and origional content, put my watermark on it, then make fun of them and call them pimply faced maladjusted preteens whos parents dont love them. eBaum rules!!!!11!
by ebaum STEALS August 20, 2006
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