the creator of It has some pretty funny materials, but is bombarded with advertisments, pop-ups, and spyware. Not reccomended for cruddy computers with poor/no pop-up/ad-ware blocker, actualy really no one should go to this site (Note that this is my opinion). Too much ads and pop-ups. It's even more than Newgrounds and Albinoblacksheep.
Person 1: "dude, I went to Ebaum's world to check out a video, but my computer crashed and went to hell on the blue screen of death.
Person 2: "You shoud try albinoblacksheep instead. Less hassle."
by Nick November 6, 2004
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adjective; a term used to describe enjoyment at the expense of another that may or may not be present.

Variations: Baum, baumalicious, ebaum kanaley.
Brian exclaimed, "ebaum!" as his friend as his friend slipped on the ice.
by Hoopsh January 9, 2009
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Club/street name for the illicit drug Ecstacy (MDMA).
"Yo bro, that guy is rolling hard on ebaum."

"How much for 5 ebaums?"

"Ebaum makes me feel at one with the universe."
by MichaelBoltn May 19, 2005
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The creator of a hilarious website called "". Many people believe that everything on that site's been stolen, which is not true in about 90% of all material.
Ebaum's site is the greatest place on Earth.
by Ainolketta March 13, 2005
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The internet's largest garbage dump.

Chock-full of videos, media and games that you already saw 5 weeks ago, but obviously not that sickeningly fat kid sitting next to you laughing his ass off. Because he's getting his daily dose of OFN at eBaums.

Comes complete with spyware.
Did you see the Numa Numa dance on eBaums?! OMG it's SO AWESOME!!! LOL!!!
by rtil March 28, 2005
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It is worth noting that almost everything on the site is stolen or otherwise plagiarized. They take something and add their watermark, claiming it's theirs while lowering quality and increasing filesize. Numa Numa is a good example of stolen material.
Man, I can't wait until eBaums's World gets sued for ripping off Shmorky!
by Chronic Munchies April 1, 2005
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eBaums World is an imageboard that is so lifelessly soul-less and lacking any excitement whatsoever. Its a place where people who havent heard of more, mysterious, fun, and cool, places will go to get their daily lulz
I use the term, lulz loosely as there arent many to be had there except if you are a retard. They try too hard and look too corporate. It's like an executive board of directors sits round debating which are the coolest or funniest images or something
lulzr1: Hey WTF? how can anyone think ebaums world is funny?
lulzr2: Do you have a head injury or work in a office like them people over there that kiss boss ass?

lulzr1: no
lulzr2: right well they dont know better than any other moron not to post there, be thankfull you do, jonny !
and BTW I loved your cool tankshot
by proud2 May 21, 2008
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