Someone who cannot figure out the most basic functions of an electronic device.
The e-tard was trying to figure out why his television would not turn on and called me to go trouble shoot it, only for me to discover that he never plugged it in.
by The Ferndog August 8, 2008
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An e-tard who insists on forwarding to everyone he knows any nonsense sent to him as long as it is somehow supposedly part of some form of conspiracy. Worse still, his memory is so short, he keeps sending it over and over again, believing it's new.
'This morning, I found that Paulie had sent that stupid story about how you're gonna get cancer if you turn your car AC on. AGAIN!'

'Third time this year. The guy's a fucking e-tard conspiracy goldfish...'
by Baba Aggie July 27, 2009
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Someone who goes on line too much (usually to play games and chat rather than to keep up with current events or educate themselves). They are so involved in their online activities that they lose track of daily reality.
Man, I've just been playing blackjack online 24-7! Haven't kept up with the news or anything. I dohn't know what's going on! I'm turning into a real e-tard.
by Jay Young April 19, 2005
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Somebody who thinks e-tolls are cool
The e-tard was dutifully queueing to pay his e-toll bill
by Johannesie May 16, 2018
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Joe: Hey man I can't forward this pic of a Hot Karl

John: Give me your phone you're such an e-tard
by ThaCeo April 10, 2009
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may01:that was great!
juny02: i know, right? lol
may01: what's lol?
juny02: laugh-out-loud, you e-tard!
by d3moni March 20, 2009
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Claudia: Hey! E-tard! over hear!
Edward: Whaddya want? rape?
Claudia: You are still a piece of Faggetie !
Edward: Here comes my Grandfather cock !!!
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