A man that runs one or more cybersex hos.
With 100 or so bitches on webcams he's a supreme e-pimp.
by Andre7000 April 4, 2006
A man that uses all necessary and obvious dating websites to compile phone numbers, messenger usernames, and email addresses in hope that his online networking will lead to an e-hookup.
I can't believe he's got six girls' numbers in one week, he's definitely an e-pimp!!
by mavsfan January 29, 2008
A electronic pimp. Some one who has the ability to have cyber sex with any one.
Dang Josh the E-Pimp had 10 girls have cyber sex with him i
by David January 29, 2005
The term used by users of FTJ when they hit on the oppostie sex over the internet.
I e-pimped yelloLILLIES the otherday.
by FaceTheJury.com April 21, 2004
one who makes an extra ordinary amount of legitimate or illegitamte income through via the internet.
Many internet start ups of the '90s played the e-pimp game to make millions.
by Krishna February 13, 2005
Someone attempting to woo another forum member via spitting game. Typically the game is very weak.
Yo, brucie, this hottie joined the forum today and I totally e-pimped her. She was all into my smilies and shit.
by Sumppump May 20, 2008