a woman how enjoys being with another woamn, a carpet muncher, a lesbian
Hey Jill did u know Sarah was a dyke? By the way i heard Miss Pebbles was a dyking also?
by Miss Pebbles July 25, 2003
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n. 20th century. At first derogatory, it has become a word of pride used by lesbians. Possible origin from the last sylible in hermaphrodite or perhaps from its British meaning of "female genitals." A dyke is a ditch.
by super love May 29, 2003
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a word used to describe a lesbian, a butch or femme lesbian, a woman who loves being with other women sexually, a carpet muncher,
Hey Jill did u know Sarah was a dyke? By the way Miss Pebbles is dyking also!
by Miss Pebbles July 27, 2003
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A dyke is a lesbian who often has a masculine look about her, though she may not necesarily be butch. It was, and still is, used as a derogatory word, except within gay circles, where it has been reclaimed and is now used as a descriptive term.
n.: Yeah, I'm a dyke.
adj.: Wow, she's really dykey.
offensive: OMG! She's, like, such a fucking dyke! That's sooo totally disgusting. (Often spoken loudly to another blond, pig-tailed, overly hetero friend when a dyke strolls by.)
by Zag September 27, 2003
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1) A earthen slope or wall that is used to regulate water levels (levee/dike)

2) Originally used as a negative slur towards lesbians, this term has now grown to referring a specific type of lesbian. (another related word to this would be fellagirly, brought on by Elvira Kurt.) The "butch look, femme attitude" has recently taken definition to the term dyke by the LGBT community.

2b. While this is currently true, many other-generational LGBT members find dyke to be very derogatory and hurtful.

Additionally, if the word is used by an LGBT individual, it is taken as joke/description/word.
However, if a non-LGBT individual uses such a word towards a lesbian, it is thought to evoke similar reactions as would nigger to a black person (or so on and so forth)
1) Hurricane Katrina devastated the country when it broke through New Orleans' dyke.

2) One lesbian to another: "I don't really like the polar-extremed butch or femme lesbians; I more prefer the stereotypical dykes like Ellen DeGeneres, Katherine Moennig and Mandana Jones (Nikki Wade from Bad Girls)"

2b. A non-LGBT member insulting a lesbian: "Wow, you're such a dyke."
by LesbianBarbieTM December 03, 2009
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A female who could kick your ass, fuck your woman, and make you eat dirt.

This is a very dangerous person. She is not to be fucked with. Unless you want to see your wife being banged around by a girl and loving it!

A dyke usually obtains some type of employment usually reserved for males such as police officer,truck driver,etc.
A dyke took my wife and left town with her.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 26, 2004
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