A girl that is interested in other girls; A female who enjoys sexual intercourse with another female.
"Woah did you see Ashley, she's a total dyke!"
"Dude, Ashley just told me she likes Paul's mom, what a dyke."
by Oh Mar May 14, 2008
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(dIk) n. Complimentary Slang. Individual with evolved confidence, expressing fearlessly their unique vision, sexuality and being.
(sry stolen form dykes in the city but i had to put it up here..www.ditc.com)
i dk..... I love dykes!!!
by CiTricAcidDrop June 08, 2005
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A river dam, popular in the Netherlands.
The young man stuck his finger in the hole of the dyke, as it was leaking.
by eSouth March 19, 2005
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women who love and are sexually attracted to women.
big up the dyke massive. dykes rule innit.
by dyke_gb October 28, 2004
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1.Dyke comes from the dutch word 'Dijk'. A 'dijk' is an embankment that protects water from entering dry land. Because many parts of Holland lie beneath sea level, holland contains a lot of 'dijken' ( multiple for dijk).

2. There is a myth about a man that used his finger to hold down a hole in a dijk to save the land behind it.
'Putting a finger in a dyke' is a sexual term.
2. Yesterday i put a finger in a dyke
by Scheffers May 11, 2006
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wow you people are dumbasses. OK most of you have the definition half right a dyke can be slang for a lesbian but it tickles me that non of you seem to know that a dyke is also a kind of snippers or wire cutters. god damn
Rick: "Hey man can you hand me the dykes i need to cut this power wire."
John: "Dude how do you cut a wire with a rug muncher?"
Rick: **smack** "A dyke is a also a wire cutters you fuckin deusch bag!"
by Kasey Musser January 06, 2005
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