Do work son (usually on a girl)

Widely used in the Metropolitan Yeshiva Community..
Mike: yo man I'm going out tonight with that freshman bitch..
Jon: Yeah sounds good DWS(Do Work Son)!
by skins0320 March 21, 2009
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Anthony: Geez Maya, HC is such a DW. She got with two guys in one night!
Maya: WHAT! She's such a DW
Hannah: NO IM NOT!!!
by Antmion November 03, 2015
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An abbreviation meaning dick wet often used between friends after they went home with someone the night before.
"Hey man you get your DW last night?"

"You get you DW?"
by abbreviation RY February 05, 2010
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When a male has a strong desire to have sex, to get his "Dick Wet," his "DW," if you will.
Guy # 1: Dude, Steve just left with that really drunk girl.
Guy # 2: He's just trying to get that DW!
by ms.jaaaaaaaaaay September 15, 2009
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Me: Yea Taylor was talking to the flight attendant today in such a high voice. She’s such a DW.
by Worldtraveler April 26, 2019
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DWS = Drone Withdrawal Syndrome.
For a long-time droner (drone pilot), DWS can kick in when you aren't able to fly your drone for an extended period. This can be due to inclement weather, illness, or even having your only drone stolen (which happened to me not long ago!).

Symptoms of DWS can include any or all of the following.
1: Drone envy -- whenever you see a UAV in the sky, you just wish that you had a long-handled butterfly net to snag it out of the sky.
2: General malaise and/or lethargy.
3: Spending an inordinate amount of time on YouTube watching videos of your own or others' drone flights.

DWS is curable simply by purchasing and then flying a new drone.
Man I've got a hella wicked case of DWS after some fartknocker stole my X21 drone. I already ordered another, but the fucking thing's coming from China for Christ sakes!!!
by Telephony June 07, 2019
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