Dw, stands for “don’t worry.”
Person 1: is it ok that I killed all of your grass?
Person 2: oh yeah DW, I love dead grass!
by I wrote that paragraph March 16, 2020
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a case of Driving While Sexy, when you get pulled over by female or male cop because you are too sexy. You are usally body searched afterwards! :)
Henry:Yo, last night i got pulled ova by this lady cop.
Henry:Cuz i was too sexy, man. No homo tho.
Felipe:O yea! DWS? rite? yea its happened to me too.
Henry: Yea DWS. I love it tho.
by DWS December 08, 2006
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Drunken Whore Syndrome.
1.(n)A serious illness a person contracts from being a Drunken Whore.
2. (adj)Used to describe a person who is frequently sick, much more than normal due to being a Drunken Whore.
John: "Why is Dave sick so much more than us?"
Gary: "It's because he gets more action than we do"
John: "Ah, DWS"
by Joe Bruin May 01, 2006
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A brand of custom made drum kits and other drum hardware. DW stands for Drum Workshop. Apart from custom sets, they do have standard sets although very customizable. Very sick shells and they sound amazing.
I saw the new DW kit in DRUM! magazine for 12,000 dollars!
by SparrowPrince16 September 08, 2008
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DW=dick wet
an abreviation for "Dick wet"
im gonna call up your sister so i can get my DW tonight
by GOOOOOO January 31, 2008
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