a bag u shove up your cunt to clean it . mainly for old crusty pussies
crystal lewis need a giant dushe bag to clean that nasty ass cunt!
by porn man September 20, 2003
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a bag used to clean ones vagina after sex
Dude that was such good sex but i have to go clean my self with a dushe bag
by frank oharis November 7, 2003
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u stick this thing up ur choosie and then squeeze...it is normally for older women who need a cleaning in their vagina
i stuck the dushe bag up my ass before reading the instructions.
by keri June 15, 2003
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When morons who can't spell try to say douche bag, they say dush bag. Although, ironically, these people could, properly, be called dush bags. The term dush bag is most commonly used in eastern Connecticut, by intermediate school children who were raised poorly by illiterate parents. Often said by little hyper brats with lisps.
Moron: Like, omagod, you are SUCH a dush bag.

Man: What the hell is a dush bag? Do you mean douche bag? You're such a dush bag.
by RayBan February 16, 2004
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