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(v.) to attempt to cover up one's own duplicity or guilt by publicly and loudly deflecting blame onto others that had no demonstrable involvement.
When my boss questions my lack of task completion, I dupnik my co-workers in order to avoid a reprimand.
by bvulmux January 12, 2011
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1. A man with principle. A person who speaks with unabashed candor and conviction. One who speaks their mind for saying what needs to be despite a possible backlash from the media.

2. A no-frills law enforcement officer who does his job.

Origin. Named for Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, a popular sheriff in Pima County, located in Southern Arizona. With a law enforcement career spanning over 50 years, Dupnik has won reelection by far, greater margins than his Maricopa County counterpart, Joe Arpaio in the past several elections.

Dupnik became the target of tea party activists and received death threats for speaking out against Arizona's controversial "SB 1070" bill calling it "unnecessary" and "racist."

Dupnik's department have arrested more illegal immigrants - and turned them over to the border patrol, than any other law enforcement agency in the state.

While speaking to the media after a Jan. 8, 2011 shooting that targeted his friend, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Dupnik again became a target of Right Wing media for saying, "There's reason to believe that this individual may have a mental issue. And I think people who are unbalanced are especially susceptible to vitriol."

Despite the passion-based, knee-jerk attacks from the Far Right, Dupnik has been lauded as a hero in other circles for exercising his right to free speech in alluding to the reasons behind the growing polarization that has pervaded diplomatic discourse in America.
When Johnny the factory worker stood up for his co-workers and spoke candidly to upper management about why morale was so low on the assembly line, his peers lauded him for being a, "dupnik," for stepping up and saying what needed to be said but others feared to say.
by Jedidiah Reasoner January 15, 2011
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Someone who talks about something as if it is fact regardless of such evidence.
The Sheriff was being a DUPNIK when said Rusty was responsible for the crime yet he had no evidence to connect him.
by hamezz January 13, 2011
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A word which is often used to describe what "appears" to be an honorable man in law enforcement (common region of country where used - SW United States) but in actuality is an abject moron. The term is often used by retreating leftists who themselves are often referred to as "dupniks" It really is a catch all cover word to make a common moron seem far more intelligent that he or she really is, at least to his followers and stooges. Akin to the concept of putting lipstick on a pig and focusing solely on the lipstick.
Clarence was a misguided political hack shill with no sense of honor or decorum who whined incessantly to the press about issues he could not substantiate to cover actions of his own supposed accountability which he could not explain. Democrats just called him a "dupnik", to be polite.
by Staberdearth January 20, 2011
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(doop-nik),noun, verb,
From the root "dupe" meaning stupid and the Russian suffix "nik" meaning asshole.

Together they form the term for a stupid asshole (esp, one who was elected sheriff in Southern Arizona - Pima County).
Can be used as a noun,
"He's a complete Dupnik",

or as a verb,

"That dude really Dupnik'ed that up" (such as a face-plant after doing a back flip).
by Rogue Warrior 1000 January 16, 2011
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dup-nik (noun):

1. A law enforcement officer who fancies themselves highly trained "operator" and yearns to see some "action" but ends up panicking when the shit hits the fan and killing an innocent person.

2. A highly trained law enforcement operator who negligently kills someone and tries to hang a series of charges on the victim retroactively in an attempt to obfuscate his or her crime.

dup-nik (verb):

1. To be killed by law enforcement due to a combination of incompetence, gross misuse of force and "highly trained" wanna-be "operators" who dump their bowels and their magazines at the slightest movement.
2. To be murdered by incompetent "law enforcement officers" and then be retroactively accused in the press of any crime that might somehow justify their deplorable actions.
1. Watch out for officer O'Hanrahan, he's a certified SWAT sniper but I've heard that he's a real dupnik.

2. Yah Sgt. Seuza was great in training but turned out to be a huge dupnik, he almost got our whole team suspended.

3. It was hard for the Sheriff to decide whether he should send some detectives around to the suspects house to investigate or just dupnik the guy and be done with it.

4. Did you hear about Jose? He got totally dupniked yesterday, I heard they even shot his dog.

5. Old LEO saying: You can't crack a big case without dupniking a few perps.
by flimflaman June 06, 2011
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