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restricted to what is essential or with no ornamentation
A no-frills vacation package was reintroduced to consumers.
by The Return of Light Joker September 30, 2009
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a term used to describe cheap food from supermarkets "basic or economy" range, often said with an accompanying horizontal wave
"what have you got there?"
"no frills colslaw"
*child breaks down in tears*
by "mocking bird" September 27, 2006
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Just the basics, doing something well and being lowkey about it
Simp- “Yo dude that was crazy”
Cool guy- “just taking care of business

Simp- “you won’t an award?”
Cool guy- “nah dawg no frills
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by May 19, 2020
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Only the most Badass store. EVERYONE wants to work at Nofrills. And everyone who does HATES it but wont quit because Nofrills employees ROCK
Ashley: Hey Chase, What u up to today?!

Chase: Oh just goin to work at Nofrills!
Ashley: Hells Yes! Im Jealous. Nofrills is soo BADASS
by Awesomenesssssss July 19, 2009
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A expression encouraging a calm additude.
“Hey, I won’t make the party till a little later, sorry!” “Don’t worry about it bud, no frills
by LeftmostFormula January 19, 2019
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