we got chineese girls wit big dumpas
by cazper October 26, 2003
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someone thats us extremely stupid. They look and act the part.
dood, you hella dumpa!!!
by TheMikester October 16, 2004
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the term for the music that old people hear at stop lights and stop signs that is really annoying to them; it usually consists of rap/hip-pop and a large amount of bass
Dad: God I hate that stuff!!!!

Me: You hate what stuff?

Dad: That shit they're listening to!!!!! That thumpa dumpa shit!!!!!!!

Me: Don't you like it?

Dad: NO!!!!!!!!

Me: Well why?

Dad: Cause all I hear is THUMPA DUMPA THUMPA DUMPA, that shit is annoying
by 7336 November 28, 2009
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James and Denny pack fat dumpa gumpas after they're done with their classes.
by PrincessBradford April 7, 2011
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This is the dirty slut who rolls into a party looking for the man to take her home. She might not know anyone in the party but will use the bathroom to drop a mega dump to leave her brand for all to smell.
Brenna you are being a big dumpa-slut, I knew it was you from down the hallway.
by dumpa-slut slayer February 1, 2011
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(1) adj. A slang term used to describe a girl with an amazing ass
"Look at that girl in those jeans, I don't think she's wearing panties. That is a sic dumpa."
by FoCo November 18, 2004
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