a serious illness effecting the brain. it can usually come about by a: being dropped on your head as a child. b: getting hit by a speeding bus and surviving. c: any sort of coma you wake up from
"you shit heads got a serious case of the dumbfucks,cant you do anything right?"
by St00pid August 20, 2008
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a stupid person that does and says stupid things

if u don't know wat dumb fuck means ur dumb fuck
dude 1:damn she gots curves
dumb fuck:no lesbians and gays are curved
dude 1:STFU u dumb fuck
by the.dude.who.knows.more.den.u December 11, 2008
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1. A stupid person 2. An idiot 3. Someone who acts like a fool
"If you think I'm gonna believe that shit, then your a dumbphuck."
by Beep Bepp July 13, 2003
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someone who tries to define a word and doesn't even know how to spell "definition"
Who is the dumb fuck that doesn't know how to spell?
by kuntrysgirl December 30, 2005
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