6 definitions by Old Wise E

A nonsensical word used by dumb dipshit Democrats who don’t know the meaning of Amen and are pretending to be praying to God when in reality they worship satan
We lift this prayer to you.

Amen and Awoman
by Old Wise E January 5, 2021
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A voter whom supports and/or practices pedophelia.
There’s no way 80 million Bidophiles voted for him.
by Old Wise E January 21, 2021
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To continue to do the same idiotic, baseless act over and over again expecting different results.
I hear Trump was acquitted of impeachment charges for the tenth time, the libtard insanity to continue to impeach him is out of hand.
by Old Wise E February 14, 2021
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When all tech companies media outlets, entertainment websites will allow any derogatory remarks against conservatives but ban or refuse to publish anything negative against libtards
Would you look at that, they censored and refused to publish the definition about liberals but did you see all the new hate ones against conservatives?
by Old Wise E January 10, 2021
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Anyone who still considers themselves a democrat or support s Biden after record inflation and fuel prices.
What??? You’re justifying these gas prices,,, you must be a dumbfuck.
by Old Wise E March 12, 2022
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1) A drugged out dumbass who can’t accept ANY responsibility for ANYTHING they do.

2) Useless as dogshit
Captain just got busted again and is headed back to prison,, what a John Brown he is.
by Old Wise E May 17, 2022
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