3 definitions by ToxicG065

So Straight Straighter the *Super Straight* You can kiss the homies without it being gay!
Justiny: "Yooo Joey You like Being Gangster dont you"

Joey: "Nah bro just fucking kiss me am super super straight"

Justiny: " No your a Gangster"
by ToxicG065 March 10, 2021
A word Used By A lot Of intellect people and with sever anger or laughter!
Vince: Yo Zabzaf Don't Destroy my chest You DumbFuck.

Zabzaf: Dont call me a dumbfuck you dumbfuck

by ToxicG065 March 10, 2021
Someone who likes to say the N-Word A lot and also talks to underage girls!
Joey: " Justiny STFU you stupid little N-Word"

Justiny: " Joey stfu Your Gangster, How you like talking to the 15 year old"

Joey: *Awkward silence of defeat*
by ToxicG065 March 10, 2021