An ambiguous guy who hangs around a girl you're dating who may send vibes that he's sleeping with said girl.
"How'd the date go?"

"Ok, but when I picked her up she was just getting out of the shower, and this dude that lives there was also wearing a towel..."
by desperryado October 31, 2005
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dude, just listen to loveline one night and you'll fill up the whole dictionary.
by dude December 19, 1999
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1. White way to say nigga used a lot by stoners, surfers, skaters, and me.
2. Also to express anger, shock, awe, etc. basically any emotion just depends on how you say it
by lazyassloser April 05, 2004
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1.) A boy, man, or girl.
2.) Use in place of many words
3.) Also the hair on the back of an elephant's butt.
1.) That dude is hot!
2.) Dude! What's up dude?
3.) That elephant has so many dudes dude!
by Jennifer D. April 03, 2007
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Pronoun used to refer to a person whose name you cannot remember
Umm, whats up dude? Yeah how's your mother...?
by Simple Sam February 07, 2005
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A term used mostly by stoners surfers skaters, white people and other ethnicities that are not black or don't like rap or hip hop
1.Dude she was awsome.
2.Dude you're tripping like your mom.
3.Dude your mom was awsome.
by Dinasty August 30, 2005
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1. A nickname for any male aquaintance, friend or stranger, usually in a somewhat favorable light.
2. An expression of awe.
3. A city person, usually wealthy, attempting to pass as a cowboy, adventurer or otherwise rugged type. Usually dressed in new, expensive outdoor wear, without a single scratch or trace of dirt to indicate prior use.

From the Irish Gaelic word "duud," meaning an oddly dressed person or clown.
1. Dude, can you move over a bit?
2. Duuuuude!!!
3. The New York dude is here again in his shiny chaps and ridiculous Brooks Bros. stetson.
by Gramatkon September 17, 2006
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