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An old British nickname for Football,NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association Football.It was shortened to Assoc.,and then finally "Soccer".(like how the nickname for Rugby Football is "Rugger".)The word is used in:Australia,United States,Canada,New Zealand,and South Africa.
Soccer is not an American term like most people seem to think.
by idunno? September 11, 2004

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A place on the internet where dorks can call eachother "pretentious" and "psuedo-intellectual".
douchebag 1:you're so pretentious

douchebag 2:that's just the kind of talk I'd expect from a psuedo-intellectual
by idunno? October 03, 2004

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Manchester United goalkeeper.

New Jersey native who played for North Jersey Imperials and New York/New Jersey Metrostars before going to England.Signed with Manchester United in the Summer of 2003,which is technically an honor,since United are hated throughout the UK.But they are the most succsessful club in English history.

But overall he's one of the finest keepers in the world,maybe the best in the Premier League.Hopefully he'll help the United States to do well in the 2006 World Cup.
Tim may be from the wrong part of NJ,but oh well.Better to be from any part of NJ than to be from NY anyday.

Tim Howard is great at stopping penalty kicks.
by idunno? August 27, 2004

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1) the weirdest spelled name you'll ever encounter after looking up gaasedelen.

2) from german word schanz, meaning to be a strong fortress.

3) who gives a rat's ass
1) man that name is such a tschanz

2) that building is too tschanzy

3) Frank - "Joe look at this!"
Joe - "tschanz!"
by idunno? March 30, 2005

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1) weird korean who no one can understand at first

2) someone who is a proctor at HUN SCHOOL OF PRINCETON

3) a very huge emo, unfortunately this is unprovable since he listens to emo music in korean
1) eric: hey sung chan yoo!

2) dani: sung you're such an emo proctor

3) spencer: wow! i just talked to sung
dani: and?
spencer: he's such an emo
spencer:i dunno, its hard to prove, he listens to korean music
by idunno? April 10, 2005

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1.An old west word for someone from the east coast who came to the west on vacation.Often dressed nicely ("duded up")

2.American term for any male.

3.Basically something you just say before any sentence

4.A word one can use to express either joy or sorrow.
Never EVER say the word "that" before dude.Example: don't say,"look at that dudes hat".Say,"Look at dudes hat"

Don't say,"what is that dude doing?"Say,"what is dude doing?"
by idunno? August 10, 2004

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1.Short for "Yankee"

2.An American from the NORTHERN United States,not a term for all Americans like most British people seem to think.Southerners are called Rebs or Rednecks.Most of the stereotypes posted here by the British pertain to Southerners too,most of us Yanks are pretty liberal.The north and south USA are almost like 2 different countries (they nearly were) and the rest of the world doesn't seem to notice that.You won't find many fat rednecks in Vermont or Rhode Island.
George W Bush and Britney Spears are NOT Yanks. (thank god)

The KKK are NOT Yanks. (thank god as well...)
by idunno? August 09, 2004

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