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To be on the low, never around, always gone; incognito. Originated in South Florida.
Dang nigga, u never come to school anymore! Why u be so ducked off?
by LDT88_07 March 21, 2007
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away somewhere

originated in atlanta georgia (southside)
1.) Where you books at?
- Man, they ducked off up in mi bookbag.

2.)Where your sister at?
- Man, she ducked off in the house.
by marc ander June 16, 2007
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I got ducked off last night since it was shark week.
Can also be used as a question: Yo, can you duck me off?
Tom - I heard she ducked you off, dude.
Matt - Yeah, she ducked me off in a movie theatre.
by Thecoolestdudeintheworld April 30, 2009
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