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Historically known as an insturment of cleanliness bestowed upon a dirrty peice of female genitalia, modernly considered a large scale insult bestowed upon the kind of person that would rather eat shit than do something with meaning
Byron would not agree to video tape his sister getting into the shower in the morning even though the rest of his friends thought she was hot; he is a duche bag
by Ryan December 11, 2003
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Corruption of 'douche bag' used by the illiterate (and corrected here by the snarky elitist).
"Those douche bags write 'duche bag' and spell 'cunt' with a k," sighed the chagrined old woman, "No wonder society is going straight to fucking hell."
by Trendy Wendy November 14, 2004
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A person who finds the need to update their facebook status with stupid shit found on a web site writen for duche bags.
I know that duche bag, hes on face book.
by fuckoffwithyourstupidshit February 04, 2010
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A term used to either make fun of, or put someone down.
I'm not gonna hang out with that kid, he's a duche bag.
by Ralph Felix July 01, 2004
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someone who is totally not cool; some people spell it 'dooshbag'. It is originally an instrument girls use to wash their vagina out to stop themselves from getting pregnant.
P1: i saw that loser John, at the beach yesterday
P2: hahaha the beach isn't a place for duche bags like him
p1: wish that fucken duche bag would die!!!!
by Montana Walsh December 04, 2005
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Douchebag-What your friends are when they need sleep. Most Duchebag's act like they are the shit and love to interupt conversations and add their own opinion to it
Greg- hey Jim how are you today
Jim- Great how are you

Duchebag- You 2 are faggets
by Jacobv92 September 13, 2009
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"In order to join our fraternity, you must abandon decency and become a complete duche bag."
by Ace July 28, 2004
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