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A whiney little bitch, in spite of the fact that he is only 17, one of the best skateboarders in the world, owns several houses, is set for life, has a fleet of hundred thousand dollar vehicles, and 85% of the female population wanting to bang him. In short, someone who is a whiney little bitch with no grounds for it.
"Dude, just cuz you can't get laid doesn't mean you have to get all Ryan Sheckler about it."

"Man bro, you have no idea how hard my life is, it totally sucks winning gold medals and being able to rip over anyone on the planet. I hate having all these girls want to bang me. I just want to get away from it all but I can't decide whether to drive my Range Rover on 26's or my lifted Dodge Ram 2500.

Yeah Ryan Sheckler, you're right that does sound hard. I gotta go though man, I have to flip burgers for 9.5 hours to afford a blank skate deck and a half a tank of gas in my 89 escort. Maybe we can skate again if I can get off work."
by Duke Livingston February 19, 2008
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The biggest baby in the world. The bitchiest white kid on earth. Has his own show on MTV called "Life of Ryan" where he whines about his dumb problems to the world.
Person) "Hey Ryan how's life going?"

Ryan Sheckler) "Dude life sucks, theres these two really hot chicks and I don't know which one to bang! Plus my rims only spin clockwise, and I wanted them to spin counter-clockwise too!"

Person) "Oh I'm so sorry Ryan you've really got it bad, but hey I gotta go work that 9 to 5 job I've got that only pays $5 an hour, so I can pay the for my apartment for me and my pregnant wife. I hope everything works out for you Ryan."

Ryan Sheckler) "Yeah I have the worst luck in the world. Oh and I forgot, I either have to drive my Rolls Royce, or my Lamborghini today. My life sucks."
by Sheckla's Hata's March 15, 2008
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Ryan Sheckler is a famous skateboarder who has become a sellout with his new reality show. He is a whiny bitch, but beside that fact for some reason most girls are obsessed with him because of his good looks. However in his hometown of San Clemente(the hometown of this writer)everyone at his school hates him. He has a reputation for being a huge pussy, and douschbag. Him and Tony Panici are not well liked. They are both short douchebags in which everyone is annoyed with. On halloween, they like to drive around drunk and try to hit on young freshman. The following example DID happen.
at a party while someones parents are away...

Partygoer: Hey Ryan Sheckler is all alone at the door, hes trying to get in!
Host: Lock that dumbass out!
Partygoer: Hey hes jumping the fence to your house! and Now hes in your backyard banging on your screen door!....
*Somebody writes 'no pro skateboarders allowed' and puts on screen door.
Host: haha there he goes! That pussy ryan sheckler!
by mollyyyyyyy July 10, 2008
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The world's youngest pro-skater who has a pro shoe, who became pro at age 13. Ryan Sheckler was born in San Clemente, California (Where I live =P), a city in the southernmost part of Orange County.

This kid is also a complete asshole, faggot, and pussy. He bitches about having a hard, stressful life when he has what he needs to live without working anymore at all. 95% Everyone at my school (San Clemente High School) hates him. No one in the world knows who he really is, yet half of all girls in the world want to marry him. The example below is true.
"Dude, Ryan Sheckler got in a fight today"

"It wasn't really a fight, he got punched in the face, then ran home crying"
by Jake Groeschel May 15, 2008
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An overrated skateboarder who used to be really good but sold out once he became famous and girls started freaking out over him. The only people that like him are really preppy girls that have no idea what skateboarding is and only like him for his looks.
Skater: "He can't skateboard for crap. Check out Rodney Mullen."
by geninely July 10, 2008
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a whiney little bitch-boy. that whines about his about his dumbass fuckin' problems that noone gives a shit about because he is a " whiney white trash who shits purple twinkies and sucks a dick like there is no tommorow
ryan sheckler needs to save everyone from countless hours of torture and shut the hell up!
by the gentlemen thief November 09, 2009
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