The euphoric feeling a person experiences when they are extremely hungry and crave food...
Dilly: Hey Rachel are you DTE?
Rachel: Hell yeah im craving a BK woppa meal Medium fry and a diet coke...legggoo
Dilly: Yesss! Jump in my blazaaa cutie
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Stands for Drop The Ego.
person 1- I'm the best when it comes to games.

person 2- Bro DTE.
by Melee/Chris September 4, 2019
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Devil Trigger Explosion. In Devil May Cry 3, if you hold the devil trigger button (default is L1), the runes will glow red and after multiple runes are red, the player can release the button to let out a massive explosion, severely damaging surrounding demons. A powerful but slow attack. Very useful on Dante Must Die difficulty.
I just killed those dewds with a DTE, son.
by William Henry Harrison June 8, 2006
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Acronyn for: Down To get Engaged

Used in the context of a frum girl seeking engagement ring after 3 dates. .
All the girls that hang out in the Heights Lounge are DTE.

20 year old girl speaking: OMG, I need to get engaged. All my friends are already married.

^(This is was a DTE girl would say)
by regular guy 026 August 1, 2011
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Down to eat
I'm just of those people who is always dte
by Skray November 8, 2019
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