2 definitions by William Henry Harrison

Devil Trigger Explosion. In Devil May Cry 3, if you hold the devil trigger button (default is L1), the runes will glow red and after multiple runes are red, the player can release the button to let out a massive explosion, severely damaging surrounding demons. A powerful but slow attack. Very useful on Dante Must Die difficulty.
I just killed those dewds with a DTE, son.
by William Henry Harrison June 8, 2006
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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition. A Greatest Hits rerelease of a thrilling action game released in early 2005. Special Edition contains lots of extra content. At the moment, it's only available in the US and Japan, however it will be released in Europe soon. The extra content includes balanced difficulty settings, an optional continue system which isn't as punishing, the ability to play as Dante's brother (Vergil), a new boss battle, turbo mode, a cutscene viewer, a bloody palace survival mode and maybe I'm forgetting something. At a budget price of $20, the game's a steal for those who enjoy fast paced demonic thrills.

This party's gettin' crazy.

Let's rock.

by William Henry Harrison June 8, 2006
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