And these kids love me I stay DTE
Down To Earth, and down to merch at any given moment
by duo315 July 26, 2008
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In fan fiction DTE means Dirty Talking Edward or refers to the Dirty Talking Edward Contest. Edward is a Twilight character.
"This story was originally a one-shot written for the DTE contest but I've decided to continue with it." OR "Check out my other stories for more DTE!"
by Helese April 11, 2009
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stands for Down to Eat

Usually means more than just fast food, for example denny's or some kind of buffet. See also: DTF
dude, i'm so hungover... you DTE?
by JSwarley October 11, 2010
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Downtown East Side. A neighborhood in Vancouver that is the armpit & ass-crack of the nation. Populated by a constant stream of crackheads, crack whores and crack dens. Located in stunning proximity to the touristy neighborhood of Gastown.
I drove through the DTES this morning and had to wash my car after.
by Gassy Jack February 4, 2009
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Stands for "Down to Everything"

A broader term stemmed from DTF. Those who are DTE are willing to do everything at anytime. And are awesome at life.
Bro 1: "Hey man. One day we should get a lot of really good weed and smoke it. Then, we'll go eat at CPK and follow that up with a musical in the city. And after we're completely mindfucked by all of that awesomeness we should get wasted. Twice. You down?"

Bro 2: "Yeah man, I'm totally DTE."
by Neepa69 April 6, 2011
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Down to eat shit. Someone who wants to eat another person's feces.
by EATSHIT69 January 22, 2011
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