Down Syndrome. Not ment in a offensive way. Kind of like callin someone a dumb ass, just on the next level
by ladmo February 3, 2004
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Acutally,ladmo, the PSP is the answer to the nintendo DS...which is better 'cuz the psp's not as great of portability, particularly because it doesn't have a good screen protectant, such as the clamshell nintendo developed, and also becasue it uses discs.
The Nintendo DS is FAR SUPERIOR to the PSP, which sucks
by (2)Clint_Bowyer RULES!!! March 29, 2005
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pornography shorthand. refers to stories with dominance and/or submission in the content.
Get on your knees, bitch! Some DS is about to go down!
by lemonlime December 9, 2004
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Nintendo's successor to the Game Boy line of portable game players. Originally marketed as a "gameboy for the older age", it offers a novel feature of having two screens, the lower of which is a touch screen used to interface with certain games. While it's hardware is certainly superior to Nintendo's previous systems, it has often been criticized of being overly limited as only a game player. A small cartidge allowing the use of mp3 files to be played was supposed to have been released. It has a WEP capable wireless ethernet card, and McDonalds is running a promotion offering free wireless for DS owners. Heavily paraded games include: Super Mario 64 DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, Nintendogs, Elite Beat Agents, and others.

Succinctly put:
Dual Screens.
Touch screen.
'Different' games.
Rudimentary wireless internet.
Relatively inexpensive.
The DS is a portable entertainment device. I have one, but I find it rather gimmicky. Props to Nintendo for thinking of it though.
by popularnerd December 13, 2006
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An anonymous account that is often used for horny tweeting, thirst trapping, fetish baiting, and sometimes used to upload nudes of oneself; exhibitionistic and/or voyeuristic behavior.
“yo’ i found your ds account on twitter “
stfu boi
by meoww4 December 16, 2019
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