Sexual technique wherein during copulation, the male removes his penis, blows on it, and then puts it back in.
I almost pulled the goalie last night on this chick but luckily I distracted her long enough to pull off The Nintendo and went back to work
by Pocostomus May 25, 2011
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A still-successful 100+ year old game company which once specialized in making card games. It started making video games in the 1970s and created a still-popular mascot called Mario. The company has been, and still is the console company to go to of you want quality games that last.
Nintendo is the proud owner of the Last Great Console, known as the Super NES.
by AYB February 17, 2003
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A video game company that used to make toys and other products. They make great games and they're my personal favorite company. Unfortunately, idiots hate Nintendo, because if a little kid can enjoy Mario or Zelda, that must mean Nintendo is kiddy, right? Well fuck you, Nintendo is awesome.
Idiot: Hi, I hate Nintendo because they're all kiddy and the are t3h suck!
Me: Shut the hell up. You go play your shitty ass Madden games while I enjoy a game of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.
by LoganR93 July 5, 2011
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Nintendo is a 100 year-old video game company that owns every time it makes a game. it has been very popular in the 1980's and just got more popular over the years. However, recently, it has come under fire from stupid ps3/Xbox fanboys who don't know what the hell a GOOD game is anymore. Nintendo CARES deeply about its fans, and uses mascots such as Mario, Kirby, and Link to captivate millions.

You: Um. No thanks... I'll just play Super Mario Galaxy.

PS3 Fanboy: But those games suck. a 5 year old could beat them!

You: FYI, Nintendo's been around even BEFORE your stupid little grill. And the XBOX is just some D-Level sex machine. The only company worthy of challenging Nintendo was SEGA, and they actually PUT UP A GOOD FIGHT!
by Hahli nuva May 6, 2010
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A games company that is supposedly always "doomed", despite the fact that they make hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
"Nintendo is doomed!"
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
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Video games that i had.
Like SNES, Gamecube, and Wii.
Wait, dont forget my Gameboy!
Jim: Wanna play my Wii?
Bob: Yes!
Bill: YES!
Jim, Bob, Bill and Tom: *start playing the wii and play mario kart wii*
Jim: 1st place!
Bob: Right behind you! *uses koopa shell on jim*
Bill: 2nd place!
Wii: can you just STFU and play the game!?
Jim, Bob, Bill and Tim: Ok nintendo. whatever you say.
by u2dvdbono August 10, 2010
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A lazy and easily pronounced way to say the spanish phrase "no entiendo" which means "I don't understand."
amanda, "would you dowload that PDF file to my USB key?"

Sam, "no nintendo"
by Slammy May 2, 2008
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