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A puppy simulator for the Nintendo DS handheld system. In it, you can control, customize, and play online with your puppy. Scored a perfect 40/40 by the famous Famitsu in Japan.
My puppy on Nintendogs has a mario hat!
by Adam Holloway July 14, 2005
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A puppy simulator for the Nintendo DS. The game is extremely popular, scored a 9.1 at Gamespot and a perfect 40/40 from the famous Japanese gaming magazine, Famitzu. It comes in three versions, each with different starting dogs. You end up unlocking all dogs from the other versions. The game has been considered "kiddie" by some, esspecially those who never played it, do to Nintendog's horrible TV ads. Sony fan boys hated how popular the game was, and wrote a large amount of fake reviews on (One was written by "one of the girls who did the commercial", another was horribley racist against Japanese.), it also caused a DS to be vandalized in an EB games store, as reported on the Nintendo forums. Nintendo put alot of work into the game, which includes voice regonition, which includes 18 dogs, an almost endless amount of items, and loads of tricks. It still won't appeal to everyone.
"My Nintendog is wearing a Spiked collar! Tight!"
by Zsky2 August 28, 2005
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