After a long night of partying and you wake up delirious, thinking to yourself, "How much did I drink?". So you make a dry run through the house counting the empty liquor/beer bottles .
Woke up drunk. Had no idea what I had drank so I made a dry run through the house, WOW I had tequila!
by prinsdi October 25, 2014
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to force your cock up an unsuspecting womans butt hole without using any lube during sex
i pulled this bird at the club last night and gave her a dry run at my place
by it wont hurt i promis April 09, 2007
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Dry run β€˜The time between New years eve and Valentines Day when you get none’
Man I need a root I’ve had a dry run
by Watsuuuup February 13, 2019
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