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verb: the act of texting while intoxicated or drunk.

Typified by numerous typing errors related to decreased motor skills and typically includes a lower regard or concern for subject matter and recipient.
It looks like Linda was drunxting again. She rarely texts me but last night I got 15 texts from her gossiping about Eric from work. I think she somehow managed to turn her t9 off because her typing was so sloppy it was difficult to understand what she was saying.
by DZintheplace2B March 25, 2009
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texting while being drunk
Mike got wasted last nite and was drunxting me at 4 in the morning
by shootermcjay September 20, 2009
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The combination of being drunk and trying to send text messages with your mobile phone. This frequently results in disasterous consequences.
Chaz was drunxting and was not looking where he was going. He fell into the jacuzzi and broke his leg.
by Timbo Gonzo January 24, 2009
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1. The act of texting while one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcoholic drink; intoxicated: Mel is drunxting her ex again.

drinking drunk texting drunk-dialing intoxicated crazy exs
John: Wow, was that your phone again, the thing's blowing up dude - who the fuck is texting you every five seconds?
Phil: My psycho ex is drunxting me from Vegas. Believe that shit?
by September 09, 2013
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v. - 1. Sexting while drunk, most often done by the male species. Usually its non-consensual and almost always regrettable. But it sounded like a good idea at the time.

2. The 21st Century version of the "drunk call".
Dude, I was so wasted last night that I started drunxting my Ex.
by AC Hernia February 13, 2010
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This is what it is call when you text (or post on Facebook from a phone) and you are drunk.
IDK who oit was but good Lawd it was Hilarioud and Lisa got up there and was doing it with him. My gut wa skilling me laughing so ahrd. ok apparently My drunk ass needs to go to bed as I cannot type or spell or something anymore.

This is Drunxting, let the laff'ter commence!
by Sobertexter April 09, 2011
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