Drinking with the deliberate intention of getting very intoxicated
Jim and I were drunking last night, and boy did I get drunk.
by Michelle "the awesome" Mojo December 21, 2008
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the stage where your particularly drunken state and still drinking heavily
answering the phone and saying "im drunking" letting the other person know what you are doing and how you are at the same time
by Paul Hinwood April 04, 2008
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Drinking alcohol with the intent to get extremely shitty.
"Hey Rebecca! Are you drunking tonight?"

"Yeah Jake! I'm already there!"
by R. Master Flex February 27, 2009
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When you have to hold on to the grass to keep from falling off the earth.
arrrrrrggggg! (like a pirate but in more pain)
by REV. Smitty February 24, 2005
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There are several stages of drunkness.

1. Happy- The only reason you feel anything at all is because you're glad that you're beginning your alcohol binge.

2. Tipsy- Your first shot has taken effect. You feel as though you may "tip" over.

3. Buzzed- A slight pressure inside your head. You feel as though you can walk up to anyone in the bar and take them home tonight.

4. Drunk (aka sloshed)- Your limbs have stopped working the way you want them to. Speech slurred. You may also feel a sloshing feeling from the alcohol contents in your stomach.

5. Hammered- You're sitting on the floor of the club wondering how you got there. By now, the pressure in your head has elevated to a hammering feeling.

6. All fucked up- You have reached the trifecta of alcohol consumption! To reach this state, you probably have mixed your beers, wines, and liquors. Congratulations!

7. So drunk you act sober again- Rinse and repeat.
Liz and Kari on the Fourth of July, sneaking rum inside their diet cokes while the kids were in the pool, were drunk.
by KizNousa July 08, 2010
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