See drunk dial, but refers primarily to using or other social networking sites (like to send your inebriated and often absurd messages. Generally only used if drunk dialing is not an option (i.e., the person you are drunk facebooking would not willingly give you their cell phone number).
Jane: So I went home with this guy after I met him at a party right? But then the next morning he wouldn't give me his number even though I was soooo in love with him. So like that night I got wasted with my friends and drunk facebooked him!
John: You're a crazy bitch.
by van tine July 11, 2006
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A spin-off from the more commonly known act "drunk dialing" this occurs when a person is intoxicated, logs on to his facebook account and makes an unusually high number of comments, not limited to exes (ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, whatever the case may be) but to his entire facebook friends list and sometimes his friends' facebook friends lists as well (depending on the level of intoxication). Emboldened by alcohol, he thinks every comment he's making is funnier than the last one he just made and won't stop until he experiences actual passing out (sometimes occurring mid-commenting and on his keyboard).

(See also Facebook Walk of Shame, Facebook Hangover)
John: Why did Bob grab my case of PBR and close the door to his bedroom?

Mary: He's drunk facebooking tonight because he hasn't talked to his parents and friends back home in such a long time. Tomorrow his profile picture will be of a unicorn humping a hippopotamus and his status update will be a blanket apology to those he may have offended as he nurses that inevitable facebook hangover.
by donnthuan23 November 11, 2010
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In the same vain as drunk dialing, drunk facebooking is the act of making conversation and sending text messages over facebook while intoxicated. These calls are generally outlandish and embarrassing to the dialer when seen the next day.
Stanley got drunk and started drunk facebooking me last night, saying how he wanted to hook up with Adolphus Busch.
by dribbledrool February 7, 2009
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when someone is hammered and talks to you on facebook, kinda like drunk dialing or drunk texting
"i vane baely reas th e comp screen anuymote"

"and i can barely read your writing anymoreee, cause your drunk facebooking me"
by optimous primeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee December 5, 2009
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The act of drunkenly communicating with someone indirectly on Facebook, either by posting to a mutual friend's page or updating your status. Typically occurs after fights or break-ups.
Tom: What's up with Kristen's Facebook status? It says "Can't believe how things work out sometimes... Guess some people can never make up their minds."

Jane: She's drunk-facebooking by proxy. She just wants to show Will she thinks their break-up is his fault.

Tom: Is that what she was doing yesterday when her status said something about drinking away her troubles?

Jane: Exactly. You have sure mastered the meaning of drunk-facebooking by proxy
by allegrad July 1, 2009
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So drunk that the only way you'll find out what you did that night is by checking Facebook in the morning.
Let's get pissed. Let's get smashed out of our skulls. Let's get Facebook drunk.
by George McBob September 14, 2010
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Saying/doing things on Facebook that you usually wouldn't do in person.
Last night, Josh was Facebook drunk and asked me out, and I'm like, fucking grow a pair.
by NikkiSparks September 22, 2011
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