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The act of drunkenly communicating with someone indirectly on Facebook, either by posting to a mutual friend's page or updating your status. Typically occurs after fights or break-ups.
Tom: What's up with Kristen's Facebook status? It says "Can't believe how things work out sometimes... Guess some people can never make up their minds."

Jane: She's drunk-facebooking by proxy. She just wants to show Will she thinks their break-up is his fault.

Tom: Is that what she was doing yesterday when her status said something about drinking away her troubles?

Jane: Exactly. You have sure mastered the meaning of drunk-facebooking by proxy
by allegrad July 01, 2009

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1. An allergy medicine
2. A character in movies such as Hitch and Hannibal
3. The name of Longfellow's daughter
4. A girl's name.
1. I have to take Allegra everyday or I get a stuffy nose.
2. Allegra was my favorite character in Hitch.
3. Allegra died young.
4. Allegra just called me and she wants to go out tonight.
by AllegraD August 24, 2006

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