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A spin-off from the more commonly known act "drunk dialing" this occurs when a person is intoxicated, logs on to his facebook account and makes an unusually high number of comments, not limited to exes (ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, whatever the case may be) but to his entire facebook friends list and sometimes his friends' facebook friends lists as well (depending on the level of intoxication). Emboldened by alcohol, he thinks every comment he's making is funnier than the last one he just made and won't stop until he experiences actual passing out (sometimes occurring mid-commenting and on his keyboard).

(See also Facebook Walk of Shame, Facebook Hangover)
John: Why did Bob grab my case of PBR and close the door to his bedroom?

Mary: He's drunk facebooking tonight because he hasn't talked to his parents and friends back home in such a long time. Tomorrow his profile picture will be of a unicorn humping a hippopotamus and his status update will be a blanket apology to those he may have offended as he nurses that inevitable facebook hangover.
by donnthuan23 November 11, 2010

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Similar to beer goggling, pool goggling occurs when an inebriated person's pool game seems to look better and better as his state of inebriation gets higher and higher. He'll hit more balls, take more chances, and sometimes he'll get funnier as his game gets worse --and good thing for him-- it's all done with a smile on his face and without his knowledge of it.
I don't like playing pool with Tom unless he's pool goggling. At least when he's drunk, he's funny when he plays.
by donnthuan23 November 11, 2010

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To make a sound that sounds like a bell ringing to intentionally mislead an angel into thinking it's about to get its wings.
Angela was suppose to get her wings yesterday but when she heard wind chimes that sounded like a bell ringing, she was so agitated that it was a wing tease, she punched me. Yup, she's at the end of the line and I got a lollipop.
by donnthuan23 November 11, 2010

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When a question is so retarded that it can't be answered because of it's sheer retarded~ness.
Joe asked something so massively rhetardical that I pretended I didn't hear him, left the room, and hid all of the sharp objects in my apartment to restrain myself from hurting him the next time he asked a question.

When my teacher told me that there were no stupid questions, all the kids in my class purposely started asking the most rhetardical questions that she stood there speechless and almost changed her mind.
by donnthuan23 February 09, 2011

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When excessive playing of the Wii causes a player to injure his dominant arm and forces him to create a Back Up Mii with his other arm. He will use this Back Up Me so he can continue to play but not ruin his primary Mii's rating. He can still enjoy Wii competition while he rests and rehabilitates his dominant arm.
John: There is one thing I haven't told you... I am not left handed.

Sue: What?

John: I think I got a Wii-bow playing tennis Wii yesterday so I need to use my BUMii to kick your butt.
by donnthuan23 January 16, 2011

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