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the action of several penises being slapped repeatedly against a willing female's face and head while receiving oral and hand pleasure
To get ready for the gangbang several guys gave Shelley a good drumsticking before the debauchery began.
by louisvilledookie March 25, 2011
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(verb) To insert one's penis between one's partner's thighs and thrust as if having sex. The etymology of the word coming, of course, from drumsticks, large pieces of meat with a bone in the middle.
I didn't have a condom but I couldn't go home with blue balls, so after I ate her out I told her to put her thighs together for a little drumsticking.
by Zefnex June 25, 2008
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The act of thrusting a drumstick in and out of a girl's vagina.
Hey did you finger that girl?
Nah, I was drumsticking her instead.
by Pussydestroyer1337 January 29, 2017
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