Drumstick means:

(1:) A chicken drumstick; like the ones you find in KFC!
(2:) A type of delicious ice cream on a cone with fudge and chopped peanuts
(3:) The sticks you use for your drum
(4:) Penis.
(1:) I got a drumstick in my KFC.
(2:) The drumstick has some fine fudge on it.
(3:) I use a drumstick for my drum.
(4:) The man stuck his drumstick in the woman's anus.
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 7, 2014
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Name for a Gay man; the equivalent of klondike.
"is he gay?"
"Yeah, he's a total drumstick"
by hahahahahahahahaha1 April 26, 2009
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A term used to describe the female wingman. Typically brought out to bars and clubs to prevent social awkwardness by providing entertainment for an interested party's wingman. The drumstick is not meant to outshine the primary party.
"Hey man, that girl is pretty, but her drumstick is a struggler."
by ZMannnnnzzzzzz May 9, 2008
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when you are on the beach having butt sex and you pull out your dick and it has poop on it and then you get sand on it. (the poop is the chocolate, the sand the nuts, and if your white then your dick is the ice cream) Then you have the chick lick/suck it off.
Oh man the other day I was totally bangin my girl in the butt at the beach, and i pulled my dick out and was like, Woah!!! I got a drumstick!!!
by Zac French April 16, 2008
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The act of thrusting a drumstick in and out of a girl's vagina.
Hey did you finger that girl?
Nah, I was drumsticking her instead.
by Pussydestroyer1337 January 30, 2017
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An amazingly delicious ice cream cone filled with chocolate and peanuts
Taylor: "Can i have a dollar"
Alex: "Why"
Taylor: "Cause i want one of those amazing delectable drumstick cones"
by yelsom8 March 16, 2008
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the action of several penises being slapped repeatedly against a willing female's face and head while receiving oral and hand pleasure
To get ready for the gangbang several guys gave Shelley a good drumsticking before the debauchery began.
by louisvilledookie March 25, 2011
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