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Used to tell someone you are committed to going through a tough situation with them.
Friend 1: I’m gonna go explore this dark looking cave with a Danger sign on the outside. You should stay out here bro.
Friend 2: You jump I jump, homie.

Friend 1: Dude, they sell super hot chilli shots here. You wanna...?
Friend 2: You jump I jump.
by Domino47253 November 10, 2018

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A person who is generally bad at catching things, or even just holding things without dropping them.
Three friends have been playing throw-and-catch with a ball.
Friend 4: hey, throw it to me bro
Friend 1: sure!
Friend 3: WAIT don’t do it
Friend 1: what??
Friend 3: He’s a dropper
Friend 1 and 2: Ahhhhhh good call
by Domino47253 December 10, 2018

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