A giant Dong, used incorporation with a cordless drill which is used to pleasure a women's vagina.
Im going to fuck the shit out of you with this drilldo.
by Getter August 27, 2007
Dildo mounted on the end of an electric drill.
She got fucked hard by the spinning Drilldo.
by John December 4, 2003
A dildo in the shape of a drill(Or an actual drill, because anything's a dildo if you're brave enough).
My girl tried her new drilldo the other day and it turned her anus into a drill-shaped hole
by GenesisGaming April 1, 2016
A dildo attatched the the end of a petrol powerd jack hammer, that is wielded by a muscley gay german man dressed in bondage and tight leather clothes. He goes round attacking people when they have been naughty or annoying.
person1: haha take another punch to the arm
person2: thats it im calling the drilldo in on you
by GENER_AL September 2, 2009
When a women uses a drill with any drill-bit of her choice to use as a powerful electric dildo
"My wife want me to look for a 3/16" size drill-bit for her drilldo"
by Daniel Liketofuck April 26, 2015
Texturized drill-shaped dildo
She played with that drilldo up her bum al night
by Lord Cthulhu July 28, 2003
A type of drill that has a massive dildo instead of a drill bit. Invented years ago, it has been popularized recently by the swedish streamer Joel "Vargskelethor" Johansson.
by mastroedeu May 17, 2020