A very agressive way of fucking, using long strides with a very fast tempo.
While I was giving her the jack hammer, you could hear a "slap slap" sound through the entire house.
by T. Lux. April 28, 2003
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The only known technique to rid yourself of Class-A clinger. When you know she won't ever let you leave her and will cry on your shoulder weeks after you've moved on, give her a quick fast pounding with your dick and then head for home. She will breakup with you in a seconds and you will have won back your freedom!
Friend: How did you ever escape from Caroline?
You: I gave her a good jack hammer and now my life is back to normal.
by TheHammerIsMyPenis June 28, 2011
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A group of 3 or more dudes banging each other hardcore
ryan,garret and justin had one sick ass jack hammer I heard it from my house. ryan always wins
by Biggie mac May 16, 2006
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To be intoxicated to a level where all abilities to make rational decisions become impossible.
Matt was so jack-hammered, he did not realize the girl he slept with was 300 pounds.
by High Profile December 16, 2006
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having a girl lay on her back on the floor with ass in the air while you are horizontal above her with hands on the coutch and feet on end table jack hammering the piss out of her.
Mike broke the table last night tying out the jack hammer on his new girl.
by batman63 May 25, 2006
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That's Griz, bitch!
Also a sexual act in which your hips begin to move at an incredible speed.
That bitch got a taste of the Jack Hammer and she loved the shit out of it.
by griz April 18, 2004
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