1. A scolding or telling-off.
2. A situation characterized by unnecessarily informal or lackluster clothing.
3. The act of dating someone noticeably less attractive and/or successful than you.
Mrs. Smith gave me a dressing down for being late to the exam.

A tank top at a funeral? Talk about dressing down.

She can do way better than him. I don't know why she's always dressing down.
by Commander Troi June 22, 2009
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1. to dress less formally than normal at work or a gathering

2. to reprimand
How much are you going to dress down at the party?
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In addition to, and to clarify, the other definition:
A person (often female) is dressed down when she is wearing clothes that do not accentuate her voluptuous parts (if any).
Despite her attempts to dress down by wearing long pants and a coat, that shit was still poppin' out all over the place!
by rich rick September 7, 2012
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A girl who likes to do the housework in her knickers, from "Man Friday" the manservant in Robinson Crusoe.
Being a Dress Down Friday, Evette always ended up with cobwebs on her nipples.
by Nikki-D March 21, 2007
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The act of forgetting that it is dress down day and arriving in your regular work wear.
Joey turned up to work in his normal work clothes whilst all his colleagues had remembered to come in casual clothing, Poor Joey has some kind of Dress Down Syndrome.
by Sam Buca January 29, 2010
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Expression that defines the outfit of someone who is both dressed up and dressed down (fancy ans casual). For instance, a fancy dress paired with dirty converses could be defined as such.
You are so dressed up dressed down today!
by Québecindépendant May 31, 2017
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