A white man with a keen and loving taste for alcohol and women. He is the most widely known male in the world. The Most Interesting Man in the World got his greatness from him. This man will rock your world all day everyday.
Everybody bow down D-REK has entered the party.
by DJ D-Rock69 April 13, 2011
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1285AD " drec"- excrements, dirt in Dutch.
Today drek is the saturated mixture of black clay and manure pigs love. Meadows full of cows become drek when saturated by heavenwater.
Also used in beauty arrangements for the gullible.
Drek is one of Mother Earth's nastiest ways to humble us. Either you make an epic legs-up slide or your rubber boots are suddenly stuck and you topple over. Either way you're covered in lumps of cold smelly drek. Like the boots and socks, your ego is gone.
by den haag October 05, 2015
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The upper part of the ass, which Is usually hit vertically from up to down. It hurts for the person being hit but it feels good for the hitters.
Owh look at johns drek! Lets hit that!
by Habouz July 01, 2018
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Old man with a sock fetish, however, does not fork out the big bucks for the show.
I don't want to grow up to be a drek.
by JackieOOO March 25, 2003
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