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noun: alcoholic drink. verb: to consume alcohol or be drunk. The companion of shnee.
I went to Tokay Liquors to try and buy some dree.
We're going to Aaron's mom's house to play poker and dree tonight.
by Jill J November 22, 2005
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Another phrase for “damn, that’s crazy” basically

Originated in Broward County Florida
Ex 1-
Me : “Yo shawty over dere kinda bad, I’d cuff”
Friend: “She bodit af bruh, she done fucked the whole team already”
Me: “Dreeeeeee”

Ex 2-
Me: “You still sliding to that part tonight cuh? I needa ride”
Friend: “Nah my ol’lady boutta come thru tonight”
Me: “Dreeee ight bruh”
by Space Ghost Pussy July 20, 2018
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a bad bitch who is financially blessed and succeeds in anything she puts her mind to; also known as a queen or a goddesss
Dang she's such a Dree.
by badbitcheswithguns February 03, 2017
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