noun: alcoholic drink. verb: to consume alcohol or be drunk. The companion of shnee.
I went to Tokay Liquors to try and buy some dree.
We're going to Aaron's mom's house to play poker and dree tonight.
by Jill J November 23, 2005
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Something that a gay kid name Dane calls his little brother
by William Shatner July 2, 2004
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a bad bitch who is financially blessed and succeeds in anything she puts her mind to; also known as a queen or a goddesss
Dang she's such a Dree.
by badbitcheswithguns February 4, 2017
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Another phrase for “damn, that’s crazy” basically

Originated in Broward County Florida
Ex 1-
Me : “Yo shawty over dere kinda bad, I’d cuff”
Friend: “She bodit af bruh, she done fucked the whole team already”
Me: “Dreeeeeee”

Ex 2-
Me: “You still sliding to that part tonight cuh? I needa ride”
Friend: “Nah my ol’lady boutta come thru tonight”
Me: “Dreeee ight bruh”
by Space Ghost Pussy July 21, 2018
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A shitposter on the site known as KTT. yung dree is a no life 12 year old kid who makes threads on the daily. This nigga is fresh from worldstar and its beyond me how this nigga has not been banned. yung dree is also a presumptuous child, most likely in the age range of 11-15. Yung dree makes approximately 13 threads in a day trying to bait people most of the time half of them get locked. When yung dree will get banned or stop shitposting...only time will tell.
hey, its a yung dree thread lets get baited and argue with him.

Crine you mad as shit fuck outta here

damn this nigga still making threads isn't it passed his bed time.
by Yung Dree March 3, 2015
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Yung dree is a member of the internet forum Kanyetothe. He is known for his terrible taste in music and retarded opinions, but is most infamous for his admitted hobby of masturbating to singer/sweet muthafucka Drake. He has on numerous occasions been caught masturbating to Drake's music, to Drakes images, and masturbating to Drakes pictures while playing his music.
Yung dree also has a knack for baiting other people, he calls himself, none other than, the master-baiter...
Yung dree is walking down the street:

Yung dree: "Hmm hmmm trust issues"

Suddenly...a car drives by playing the song crew love.


*begins to masturbate on sidewalk and cums vigorously*
by Yung Dree March 3, 2015
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