A Rastafarian. Short for "natty dread" and derived from "dreadlocks."
"Dread at the controls!"

"Dread, natty dread now. Dreadlock bongo congo I."

by Jawsy March 29, 2008
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A person who sports the ever popular dreadlock hair style.
One dread may say to another, "easy dread"
by Voltan Stonkfire September 30, 2003
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Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco

This was a stunt orchestrated by the Detroit, MI, hard rock radio station WRIF for see above. DREAD members pledged as follows:
"I will never wear platform shoes.
I will never wear zodiac jewelry.
I will never listen to disco records and/or disco stations.
Silk dresses and three piece suits are extremely suspect.
A violation of any of these conditions is punishable by 'THE CHAIR'."
I did have a DREAD card in my youth. (If I still had it I could have made a fortune on ebay.)
by Sonya_402 December 05, 2009
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being dread, mean
Gerrelle: "Ugh look at the freak, what an ugly ass bitch"

Alesha: "Come on Gerrelle man, thats dread"
by BabyGal October 18, 2003
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Dread is an adjective used to describe something either really good or something really bad.
Whoa that was dread blud did u see that triple corkscrew to btwist !


oh shizzle that was dredness he dropped right on his face.
by Kaream Osman October 30, 2007
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that dude's got some gnarly dreads
hasn't been used much since 1987
by .thieved February 27, 2003
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