International name for the game of English or American Checkers.
Yo MC Ren want to go play some draughts?
by AndrewStephenson26 January 12, 2020
A long amount of time that someone goes without getting any poon
Michael: Yo so are you steady getting poon?

Grant: Naw man it has been a draught.
by The Only G-Money August 24, 2010

Carlton Draught is celebrating its 150 years of being in existence here in Australia. Its brewed in Melbourne Australia at Carlton United Breweries and is available at the majority of Pubs and Clubs Australia wide. Typically its a Australian beer that is a all rounder, in saying that it goes with food or just having a beer for the sake of it, it's really smooth Draught beer especially served cold.

The beer is good from a can or glass, However the ultimate way to enjoy it, is from your local Pub or Bar in a Glass.
I'll have a pint of Carlton Draught mate!
Pass us a tinnie of some Carlton Draught mate!
by The_Phantom1337 September 20, 2014
A great beer to have on tap. Should be in every pub in Australia. Better than that Pooheys shit!
Law/Com Fag: Let's go to PA's.
Everyone else: Get fucked, it doesn't have Carlton on tap!
by watto June 24, 2004
When a woman is so loose her vaginal cavity diverts on coming wind currents and wind gushes out of her when a man enters her. When she is entered a whoosh sound ripples through the man's pubes.
I boned some slut last night and felt a bit of Back Draught.

Rooting this bitch was like a sausage in a hallway. She was so loose. I also got Back Draught.
by Kayse October 18, 2007
1) skunky beer

2) beer from tap that causes uneasiness within the abdomin.

3) report or thesis completed while inebriated and submitted without editing.
"What should we do with the rough draught?"
"Give it to the freshmen."

"This PBR is some rough draught. I'm getting sick!"

"I am not expecting a good grade on the paper. Oh well. It was only a rough draught."
by schoolbuzz April 22, 2010
Water collected from the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia at high tide. It is bottled and labelled as beer. Usually contains traces of urine and crab. Contains chunks of seaweed and debris.

Also known in many circles as 'Super', referring to the similarities between Swan Draught beer and Leaded Petroleum.
'a pint of super thanks!'

'check out that bogan over there, drinking Swan Draught'
by lysdexiar31 August 28, 2008