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A beer that has a flavor reminiscent of licking a skunk's asshole.
Dude, is that a Heineken? That is the king of skunky beer! Why don't you just lick a skunk's asshole?
by BrentKC April 12, 2006
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a term coined by the geniuses at Annheuser-Busch in the late 90's for commercials where they presented the "Born on Date" concept of fresh beer. They had commercials showing losers worried about getting skunky beer.
me: aww patches! this beer is skunky dude
patches: yeah, let's call 1-800-DIAL-BUD and tell 'em we want a free replacement pack
me: okay . . . <dialing>
bud: yaw, hello, who dis?
me: yo dookie! this is some skunky beer, im gonna smash this shit on patches' head, stick it in an envelope, lick it and send it in as evidance!
bud: you over 21?
me: naw fuck you, not a day over 19 bitch, gimme some new beer
by Urban Dictionary January 08, 2009
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