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The best rapper from NWA, and all of LA.
MC Ren makes that pig tail wearing punk Snoopy sound like a little girl in comparrison. But then again so does Prince.
by DJ Yella October 09, 2003
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One of the OGs of gangsta rap. Described as the motherf*cker villain that's mad, with potential to get bad as f*ck. If you f*ck with him, he'll snipe you with a hell of a scope.
Trevon: Yo, MC Rem just sniped Lil Pump.
James: Du hell is you seeing this.
Trevon: At the gas station I just robbed.
James: You gonna get shot one of these days.
Trevon: By who, the police or MC Ren.
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by Kamikazee49 March 11, 2018
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