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dramasti- or dramasta-:

A prefix meaning fantastically dramatic, extremely, or the ultimate of, having no equal, exciting, impressive, powerful, or vivid. Used in the formation of compound words.

Used freely in combination with elements and words of any orgin: (dramastisocial, dramastattacked, dramastalife, dramastipimp, dramastipimpical, etc.)
1. It will be just a matter of time before we revert back to our dramast-ipimpical ways.

2. I was dramast-isorry, for calling her a dramast-ibitch, which really made me a dramast-iass.

3. Ok well i have to go get ready before I am dramast-ilate.

4. He was dramast-attacked for asking her if it was her real hair or not.

5. She had been in the bathroom for 2 hours and still hadn't completed the dramast-ification process.

6. "Damn, that was one dramast-ifilled day."

7. "So-ooo-oo, So-ooo-oo, So-ooo-oo Dramast-ified"
by DramastiChad April 12, 2010
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