jeans that fit tight to your legs all the way to your ankles (skinny jeans). very popular right now with alternative kids.
kid 1: im going to buy some drain pipes from topshop because theyre cool and that.
kid 2: oh yeah? how much are they?
kid 1: £60.
kid 2: buggar that get them in debenhams for £10!
by delaney mate. May 6, 2006
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Very tight jeans that are tight all way the down to the ankles. Usally worn by Emo/Scene kids, with either Converse or ballet pumps. Black or grey are popular with the emo/scene kids.
Scene Kid 1- "Omgz where did you get yours drain pipes?"

Scene Kid 2- "Topshop"
by .Shannon.Gawd. September 15, 2006
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When you really hate someone, then they get on your last nerves and you really want to punch them in the face but instead you just do a drain pipe and metaphorically try smack them over the head with a pipe.
Did you hear? That Tasha girl just did a drain pipe to that Daisy girl!
by clubpenguinfun June 3, 2016
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When a female wears a low top and shows her cleavage, a.k.a her drain pipe.
by ilikedrainpipes February 25, 2011
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Drain-pipes are these super straigt jeans that are normally tight and DON'T flare at the bottom. the best ones are dark colours. Drain-pipes are usually quite dear (well from where I am theyre very expensive!) these pants are NOT essential for emo's.
emo-boy 1: wow! check that emo kid!
emo-boy 2: what?
emo-boy 1: I wonder if he can breathe in those...
emo-boy 2: oohh, the Drain-pipes? probably not.
by Hannah Birchall September 22, 2006
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that part of a city where the poor sleep in drain-pipes.
The street urchins live in the drain-pipe city.
by uttam maharjan June 5, 2010
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draining the pipe snake
draining the snake
simply peeing from a cock...penis...
I had to drain the pipe after binging on that last 40...
draining the pipe
by blthrskt November 9, 2008
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