very tight jeans, especially tight at the bottom. mainly worn by emos with a spiked belt. they are usually black.
not to be mistaken for the pipes that run down the side of houses
i want some new drainpipes! these ones aren't tight enough
by shaka doo April 13, 2006
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Drain-pipes are these super straigt jeans that are normally tight and DON'T flare at the bottom. the best ones are dark colours. Drain-pipes are usually quite dear (well from where I am theyre very expensive!) these pants are NOT essential for emo's.
emo-boy 1: wow! check that emo kid!
emo-boy 2: what?
emo-boy 1: I wonder if he can breathe in those...
emo-boy 2: oohh, the Drain-pipes? probably not.
by Hannah Birchall September 22, 2006
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Ridiculously thin/skinny jeans worn by various scenesters, emo kids, and indie types, which make a person look completely out of porportion. Usually paired with a studded belt, a pretentious a-symetrical haircut, and a gaze of apathetic angst on the face of the wearer.

Unfortunately due to the logistics of finding jeans to fit so tightly, this trend often results in low sitting jeans which have a particularly ill fit around the bum, appearing as though one might be carrying a shite around in their pants.
person 1: Kate Moss looks hot in those drainpipes
person 2: too bad everyone else wearing them looks like a fashion victim
by the_common_man October 17, 2006
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Large type of muffler and/or exhaust system piping for a car. Usually 2.5" - 3" exhausts are regarded as drainpipe.
Check the drainpipe on that Skyline!
by mikk999 July 03, 2006
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tight jeans worn by emo's or wannabemo's who wear bootcut jeans and say omg look at my new drainpipes...
omg he looks so bad, short people don't suit drainpipes.
by x..char....x November 23, 2006
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What you call someone of they are a complete chancer.
Your're a drainpipe
by Uncle Gay September 10, 2003
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