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A word used to refer to a female dragon.
"Welcome to my lair." hissed the dragoness.
by Pyroteamkill March 30, 2005
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A woman with a fiery, spiyfire like personality who is constantly angry. She has a controlling nature and has to keep things going her way. In a way, dominating is a second nature for her.

A dragoness uses insults, destructive, demeaning, humiliating, words (and statements) to destroy other people in an attempt to contol them and keep them in their "place".

Especially seen in the dating world a dragoness will demean, and publicly humiliate her mate to both keep him in his place and to keep him close. She figures if she demeans and contols him, he'll never leave her. Yes, she rules her mate by fear. In many cases, her mate never leaves her sight. Mates of a dragoness usually have there decisions made by the dragoness. So often he/she becomes lost without her. A dragoness never leaves her mate alone . It reminds us of the dragons of myth guarding her treasure.

Please not a dragoness does not necessarily have to be asian.
We all watched in horror as hailey's dragoness nature came out, as she completely tore into both her husband and the waiter.
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by Theamazinggeek January 16, 2019
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