short for Del Playa. A beach front street in Isle Vista, steps away from the UC Santa Barbara campus. The hub for college partying, drinking, sex, and drugs. Host of the largest Halloween party I've seen every year.
Girl: What are you doing Thursday night?
Guy: Hitting up DP for some free beer, there's like 10 keggers.
by Sam January 19, 2005
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1)Short for 'double post', when someone makes two posts that say the same thing. Usually, a dp is made because the person clicked the 'post' button twice, or is just spamming.

2)Short for 'deep pussy', usually a larger woman has one. A pussy that goes on and on.

3)Short for 'double penetration', or when a woman or girl has a penis in her vagina and in her ass at the same time.
1)A user called whachtameanboy69 always dp's on my BraveNet forum. It's annoying.

2)I fucked Brent's fat old mom last night. She had such a dp, I could stick my whole 9.5inch dick in her, and there was still more room!

3)Damn, my new girlfriend Monica is into dp. She keeps asking me if my buddy Kent can join us when we fuck.
by xxdecayingashes December 28, 2004
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1. An abberviation for the term Donkey Punch.

2. The name of one of the frat aliens that visits the Aqua teen hunger force. His dad owns a dealership man.
1. I totally gave Heather a DP last night.

2. Yo man my name is DP, D to tha P, or Donkey Punch....el Donkey Punchero.
by DORFPIMP February 09, 2005
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Double Penetration: when a guy takes two cocks up his ass.
Scott's ass is a man eater he needs to be DPed with two big cocks up his ass to get off.
by david000s April 14, 2009
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1. Acronym for Display Picture (profile picture) on a social networking website (Facebook, Instagram)
2. Acronym for double penetration. This is when a woman gets two dicks in two different holes in her body.
1. Man, did you see Samantha's new Instagram DP? It's so hot!
2. I asked Megan if I could fuck her, but she said only if I invited a fuck-buddy to do DP.
by DefineModernShit June 18, 2014
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"Double Penetration" - Often occurs while playing Modern Warfare 2. This is when you walk into a room expecting it to be empty (either by UAV, Heartbeat Sensor or just by a guess) and instead you are shot to shit by 2 or more enemies at once. Can also be used to describe defeat by a large amount.
Dude, I walked in and was instantly double penetrated...don't go in there.

Yea they DP'd the shit outta me every round so now I'm gonna be a running pistol bitch.

Holy shit we got DP'd...
by Andacious June 02, 2010
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